Seven animal watercolour paintings form a series of original art, cards and prints with hand-lettered quotes. Created for the love of animals and to help SPCA Tauranga - 30% of all sales go to the local shelter.

The series is available to buy online via SPCA Tauranga, or you can contact me. Choose from these options:

  • Framed original artwork 6 of 7 available
  • A4 giclée fine art prints limited edition per design
    unframed or 12x16in frame with mat
    Option to have quote hand painted in gold acrylic paint at no extra cost
  • A4 digital poster with quote
    Individual or pack of 7
  • A6 gift cards with quote & envelope
    Individual or pack of 7


Creating my first art series.

I’ve had a passion for animal welfare for as long as I can remember. When I was growing up our neighbours were heavily involved with SPCA Tauranga, I went on my first door knocking collection for them when I was around 10. I’ve volunteered over the years for SPCA Tauranga in various ways, it's where I met and later adopted my super cool 13 year old cat Yoda.

In March 2016 I took a watercolour class, first for beginners, then an advancing class, at The Artery with Nick Eggleston as our tutor. Loved the classes – they went too fast, we all had plenty of fun. At the time I was working on SPCA Tauranga’s Annual Report, and wanted to create something special as they were celebrating 50 years service to the region.

The idea to create a range of potential shelter adoptees with personality to spread through the Annual Report came about. I added to my brief deciding to stylise native plants, drawing inspiration from Scandinavian and tropical style imagery. Each image is partnered with a familiar sounding quote, carrying a dual perspective, written in a gold brush/calligraphic style font. Little did I realise the challenge that existed with such an unfamiliar medium. Many hours and happy accidents have led to the final results. Before releasing the series I re-painted ginger tabby, added patchy pup, and re-created the quotes by hand adding elements from the paintings to the words and digitised them. The series was launched late November 2016.

My focus was to communicate the joy, unexpected fun moments and friendship people and animals can share.
It’s also a reflection of the work I see the staff and volunteers at the SPCA doing and why I think people support the SPCA – for the love of animals.

I hope the fun I’ve experienced creating the work is extended to the audience, and that we can raise some money for our local shelter to continue helping the animals. I‘ve been lucky to have the support of many people while working on this project, and would like to thank my partner, friends and family for their encouragement and professionals who have extended time / skills / reduced costs to help launch this series.

First donation to SPCA

I get all the feels when I see this receipt from my first donation to SPCA Tauranga, thanks to all the buyers of the series.

Store display

The Red Studio shop display, where I bought all my watercolour paints and paper to make the series.

Frame options

Choose a natural or white frame for your Giclée print, made locally in Tauranga.

lowercase g - design, illustration & lettering.

Get in Touch.

lowercase g would love to make great graphics with you. I’m a freelance graphic designer & artist based in Tauranga, available to work at my place or yours.

Likewise if my business could compliment what you offer, I’m happy to collaborate and share referrals to bring more skills to our customers.

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